Reap Huge Benefits

Why partner with us?


B2B Connections brings one of the most unique affiliate programmes that mutually benefits everyone in the partnership.


Your earnings don't stop with a single purchase. You keep making money even after the sale is complete.

No Cost

There is no cost attached to becoming an affiliate partner with B2B Connections. You won't stop earning with us!


Scale your business at your own pace. The commission we provide will match the growth of your business.

Leverage the best deal

Earn big commissions when you drive a specific item.

Discover Global Opportunities

Build new relationships when you use our network data.

Manage and Improve

Understand, manage and improve on results with the help of our intuitive tools.

Explore our Solutions 

B2B Connections offers one of the most accessible solutions for business in the UK to grow and succeed. We're dedicated to providing them with guidance and direction at affordable costs that help them achieve their business goals.

Easy Earning Opportunity

Step 1

Reach out to our Affiliate page and Login. Fill in all the ‘starred’ fields.

Step 2

Generate your own customised affiliate links.

Step 3

Copy the link and paste it onto your page.

Step 4

Just wait for users to visit your page, and become members or advertisers with us and begin counting.

"Earn big in commissions of up to 25%
when you sign up as an affiliate with us."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the B2B Affiliate Programme?

B2B Connections brings an easy and distinctive affiliate programme where partners have to simply generate a link and paste it onto their website. You can generate sales instantly as your visitors click on the ad. 

How does the affiliate programme work?

Generate a unique tracking link and paste it into your most-visited page. When visitors to your page become members and advertisers through your unique link you get paid a commission.

Are there any restrictions to becoming an affiliate?

No. There are no restrictions. Consultants, advertisers, wholesalers and anyone who has a valid, running website can become an affiliate.

Why should I join B2B's affiliate programme?

We bring some of the most unique, cutting-edge tools and reporting facilities that are transparent and easy to understand. Besides, it eliminates the tediousness of developing and maintaining your own products and services.

How are commissions calculated?

Typically, commissions are calculated based on the member and advertiser purchases made through the link provided by you. Commissions can go up to 25%. Earnings are monthly and recurring. 

Is there a cost associated with the Affiliate Programme?

No. Joining B2B Connections’ Affiliate Programme is absolutely free.