Organise your contracts, sales and transactions with Commercial Law Services designed to improve the way you do business in the UK

Contract Confusion Potential Claims Business Fines Expensive Lawsuits Financial Loss

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Your business becomes exposed to legal risks, lawsuits, and financial losses without a commercial lawyer. Complex contracts without legal expertise lead to unfavorable terms, disputes, and breaches. Navigating ever-changing commercial laws without a lawyer puts you at risk of penalties and legal complications.

Are you making the most of your business partnership?

It is critical to get an experienced specialist well-versed in every aspect of commercial law. The negotiation process is supervised by a professional practitioner to ensure that neither party is treated unfairly.

Is your company subject to unnecessary claims?

You need a commercial lawyer to make sure all your terms and conditions are updated and risks are mitigated.

Are you facing any compliance issues?

Legal business concerns are addressed by a commercial lawyer who resolves all compliance matters, keeping you up to date with new laws that might impact your company.

A solid legal framework shapes Clarity and Compliance.

It helps manage transactions smoothly, protects your position in contracts, and ensures your business follows the rules of the law in the changing business world.

Member Services

Legal Support Line 10am-4pm (Mon-Fri)
Members have access to a Commercial Lawyer who will offer you a free of charge introductory call to discuss legal concerns you may have.
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Free Consultation Session
Our commercial law experts will provide you with a free consultation session. Just fill up the form to book a call back!
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Premium Offerings​

Services Agreements and other Agreements with your suppliers

NDAs - Confidentiality Agreements - Consultancy Agreements

Drafting legal agreements and contracts

Advising on IP / Brand protection strategies

Advising on data protection matters - Drafting Policies

Identifying red flag issues - Preparing legal templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Commercial law important?

For business, a professional commercial law expert can offer insightful legal advice. They assist you in resolving conflicts, protecting intellectual property, drafting and reviewing contracts, and navigating complex legal situations. Additionally, they ensure your company complies with all applicable regulations.

Which Commercial Law Services are included in my B2B Membership?
B2B members get access to commercial law advice though our concierge service.
How can I stay informed about changes in commercial law that might impact my company?

It is crucial to stay current with the changes in business law. We provide periodic information through our newsletters to keep you up-to-date on legal developments. You can also arrange for a consultation through your membership.

What is the difference between contract writing and contract review?

Contract writing involves conducting in-depth research and drafting a document from scratch. At the same time, contract review involves looking over an existing document, identifying discrepancies, and providing legal, solid recommendations.

Certainly. We are pleased to provide specialised legal counsel tailored to your industry needs. Our team comprises seasoned experts dedicated to ensuring your business’s compliance. Please be aware that this service incurs additional charges, which will be applied separately.