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In the United Kingdom, ensuring the occupational safety and health  of employees is a legal and moral obligation for any business. Health and safety information is crucial for businesses to understand the risks involved in their operations and take necessary steps to prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses.

Do you have a written Health & Safety Policy?

Every Business with 5 or more employees must have a written H&S Policy, both signed and dated.

Do you provide training for your employees?

Employee safety training is crucial to ensure competence. You must also evidence this information.

Would you be confident if you had a Health & Safety inspection?

Having written H&S documentation is a legal requirement. You must be able to provide evidence or face possible fines.

Health and Safety Goes Beyond Compliance.

Cultivating a safe and thriving workplace, demonstrate a proactive approach to environmental safety and compliance going above and beyond legal standards to elevate workplace safety for the well-being of your workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is health and safety for staff important in a workplace?

Health and Safety in a workplace ensures employee well-being, reduces risk of accidents and improves productivity. Your employees must be provided with a safe working environment to create a positive culture.

Which health and safety services are included in my B2B Membership?

B2B Members gain access to a range of services including advice, an on-site visit to your main office.

How can your Health and Safety policy critique benefit our organisation?
Keeping your documentation up to date is a legal requirement.
How often should we review our H&S Policies?

Periodic, regular reviews are highly recommended or whenever significant changes occur in your workplace safety management. High-risk industries need more frequent reviews.

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