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In the fast-moving world of UK business, ignoring HR Policies can lead to serious problems. This can include legal issues, unhappy employees, difficulty finding good people to hire, and business growth coming to a halt. You don't want your business to suffer from these hidden risks. Make sure you have strong HR practices in place to follow the rules, attract and keep great employees, and create a healthy workplace. Act quickly because time is running out to protect your success!

When did you last update your HR policies?

Policies and employee handbooks should be reviewed regularly to ensure you are up to date with the latest laws.

Are your employees taking too many sick days?

Do you conduct return-to-work meetings and is your sickness reporting policy adequate? 

How do you manage poor performance?

Every company should have a capability policy. This enables you to be in a strong position to manage performance issues.

HR isn’t just about following the law and paying employees!

It’s about creating a happy, productive work environment. By managing talent, assessing performance, and offering ongoing training, HR keeps employees engaged and motivated, boosting productivity and ultimately leading to business success. Our expert panel understands the day-to-day challenges of running a business and other impending employment issues and can offer you advice and support when needed. Our expert panel understands the day-to-day challenges of running a business and can offer you advice and support when needed.

Member Services

Advice Line 9-5 (Mon-Fri)
Get expert advice on a wide range of HR topics. Our members have access to dedicated advisors.
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Documentation Review
All businesses should have up-to-date and legally compliant employment work contracts and handbooks. Are you confident with yours?
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Employment Law Seminars
Keep up to date and find out ways to best manage your HR compliance solutions. Included within your membership.
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Premium Offerings

Dedicated HR team - nominated lead advisor

Tribunal Representation - Let us manage from start to finish

Indemnity Insurance - covers basic and statutory awards

Online Hr management system to track compliance

Settlement Agreements can halt a pending tribunal

24 hour support - 7 days per week - 365 days per year

Frequently Asked Questions

What are HR Policies and Contract document critique services, and why are they important for business?

Every organisation needs to have the right HR policies and contracts in place. The accurate statements and essential terms of employment must be drawn carefully to protect you and your employees.

What does a typical critique involve?

We perform a comprehensive evaluation of your existing policies, settlement agreements and more to identify gaps and areas of improvement and offer advice according to your business.

Can you provide HR templates?

We do have a selection of templates but will only provide them after speaking with your advisor.

How do you ensure confidentiality during the critique process?

We maintain trust and ensure that the organisation’s data is secure. Access to the policy is limited, and permissions are granted to authorised personnel only.

Do we really have access to FREE HR advice as part of this membership?

Absolutely – Our advice when dealing with HR issues is to take advice before reacting.

Should HR policies and employment contracts be tailored to suit a specific organisation?

Yes. Ensuring that your policies, contracts, and templates align with company needs is imperative. 

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