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A website serves as the gateway between your business and potential clients, fundamental for growth and ensuring a steady influx of new customers. A well-crafted website is indispensable for establishing a connection with your audience.

Poor performance on mobile devices. What am I missing?

With the predominance of mobile browsing, a common issue for customers is ensuring their site performs seamlessly across all device types. They might struggle with elements like touch-friendly navigation, optimised images that load efficiently, and layouts that adapt to various screen sizes.

How can I make my website more aligned with my brand identity?

The core of this problem often lies in inconsistent branding elements on their website such as colors, fonts, tone of voice, messaging, or imagery that don’t match with their offline materials. It can also be a result of failing to encapsulate and convey the brand’s values and ethos through the website’s design and content. Solving this may involve a comprehensive brand audit, establishing a clear brand guideline for online assets, and redesigning the website to reflect the brand’s unique identity and promise consistently across all pages.

Why aren't visitors staying or converting into customers?

Even with an aesthetically pleasing website, customers may face issues with user engagement and conversion rates. The problem could be rooted in a lack of user-friendly navigation, poor user experience (UX), unclear calls to action (CTAs), or that the website doesn’t communicate the value proposition effectively.

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Transform your business through innovative web and design solutions, optimising online presence, and creating engaging user experiences.

Member Services

Advice Line 9-5 (Mon-Fri)
Your website opens doors to potential customers. Seek the right direction from our experts to improve design and functionality.
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Branding Checklist
A branding checklist always helps you stay on course of your brand strategy. Download our comprehensive list in just a few clicks.
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Website Performance Audit
Our Website Audit Guide is tailored to identify areas for improvement on your site.
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Premium Offerings​

Elegent UI/UX Design Solutions for Businesses

Commercial Business Branding by Experts

Logo Design & Creative Asset Building to improve Visability

Content Management System (CMS) Development

Wireframing and Prototyping for Websites and Applications

Tailor-made e-commerce solutions that cater to B2B/B2C Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is website design so important?

The visual appearance and layout of a website influence how visitors interact with your site. Elements on a site directly impact user experience, impression, and functionality.

Which web and design services are included in my B2B Membership?

We conduct a thorough website performance audit and provide you with a detailed branding checklist to ensure your online presence is both powerful and perfectly aligned with your brand identity.

What aspects are covered in the website performance audit conducted by B2B Connections?

Our website performance audit evaluates key aspects including site speed, usability, SEO optimisation, mobile responsiveness, security vulnerabilities, and content effectiveness to ensure your website operates at peak efficiency and reaches its target audience effectively.

Are hosting and domain services included in your web design & services?

No, hosting and domain services are not included in our web & design services, but we can offer them as optional extras.

Do you provide website redesigning services?

B2B members receive website redesign services at discounted rates, enhancing the site’s functionality, appearance, and performance for improved online presence.

Do you provide post-launch ongoing maintenance and support?

We do have several post-launch maintenance packages available. Please speak to our consultants for a quote.